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24 Hr Service

Getting your truck scale to work and look like new

After time truck scales could use a good cleaning or suspension overhaul to get them working in like new condition.  

Capitol Scale offers a cleaning service where we use a excavating vacuum. This service will remove any accumulation of debris from under the scale to make sure the accuracy of your scale is not being affected.  

Capitol Scale overhauls multiple scales a year to get them working like new. Depending on the type of scale and the wear and tear on the suspension parts, there are multiple parts that can be replaced. Here are some of the Parts we can replace:

Cleaning Service

Suspension Overhaul Service

Sandblasting and Painting

Capitol Scale can get your scale looking like new in no time. We have a portable compressor and sandblasting unit. This allows us to do everything on site; including sandblasting and then painting of the scale.